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On one's way to the top floor of David Pflugi's studio, one passes through a plain black curtain which acts as a magical gateway, opening up to curious visitors an undiscovered dimension – one which is ruled by darkness, black light and creativity.

In the stiff breeze of sweeping solar winds, one finds oneself standing within a universe of infinite landscapes, cosmic waterfalls, intergalactic battlefields, hurtling fireballs, planetary nebulas and black holes. In midst of it all: A heart, linked up to the entire room, pumping out creative energy, letting it circulate, and, finally, absorbing it again.

This mystical infinity is a laboratory, David Pflugi's world of thought made manifest – one which is subject to constant development and presents itself to its discoverers in a different fashion every week.

On the floor, which is covered in a wide range of materials, as well as the walls and the ceiling, David Pflugi experiments with a wealth of different techniques, turning the entire studio into a single gigantic work of art as time progresses.

The public is cordially invited to take part in the experience of witnessing this process.

Views of a
work in progress

advance notification required for viewings
(please get in touch by phone or email)

Wahlenstrasse 81
4242 Laufen