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Public viewings of the studio take place every Saturday, from 11 AM to 4 PM (entry is free).

Private guided tours through the studio for groups or individuals can be arranged for a fee, on any day of the week. To arrange a visit, please get in touch.
Art Studio of David Pflugi, Wahlenstr. 81, CH-4242 Laufen
Here, art is created, shown and lived in a space covering more than 3000 m2.
The studio regularly serves as the location for events, during which one may become a guest in this special world.

Heart room

On one's way to the top floor of David Pflugi's studio, one passes through a plain black curtain which acts as a magical gateway, opening up to curious visitors an undiscovered dimension – one which is ruled by darkness, black light and creativity.

In the stiff breeze of sweeping solar winds, one finds oneself standing within a universe of infinite landscapes, cosmic waterfalls, intergalactic battlefields, hurtling fireballs, planetary nebulas and black holes. In midst of it all: A heart, linked up to the entire room, pumping out creative energy, letting it circulate, and, finally, absorbing it again.

This mystical infinity is a laboratory, David Pflugi's world of thought made manifest...

Exhibition and performance hall

Hundreds of selected works from more than two decades can be seen here, ranging from small images to room-size sculptures. Several "Victory Works" are also stored here – Works that have been signed by all FIFA Football World Cup finalists since 1998.

Directly adjacent to the exhibition hall is the performance hall. Much like the fusion laboratory serves as a location for research into new painting techniques, this hall is a location where new concepts and ideas relating to performances become reality.

During events, tables can be placed in the exhibition and performance halls, offering sitting room for approximately 250 visitors or guests. Events can be accompanied by live music.

Russian room

This is where David Pflugi's works are painted – including the large-scale "Victory Work" dedicated to the FIFA Football World Cup of 2018 in Russia, which is mounted on a wall in this room.

Seating can be provided to turn this room into a location for film presentations and charity auctions.

A system of computer-controlled photo cameras documents the creative events within this room.


Not all chaos is disorder: Here you will find works in progress, half-finished sculptures, piles of tools and raw material. Everything is in constant motion – it is rare for this room to present itself to a viewer the same way twice. The workshop is dusty, noisy and busy. It is a place for work – and for astounding ideas to become manifest.

Here, David Pflugi's art and its process of creation can be seen without make-up. Take a glance behind the curtain. Creativity is a journey – walk along for a while...