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About David Pflugi

From his formative years, Swiss artist David Pflugi envisioned sculptures and shapes in the surfaces around him. Early on he decided to pursue a formal career as a stone sculptor. However, this could not fully satisfy his brooding curiosity. He spent many years attempting to find a new form of artistic expression. Organically, through immersion and exposure, fusionism was crafted, fuelled by his own innate curiosity. Fusionism blends various art forms, offering a variety of different perspectives and angles.

Through the union of sculpting, painting and new media, fusionism enables a new way of seeing. It requires movement that results in a new discovery with every step.

In a career spanning over a quarter of a century, David Pflugi has been relentlessly crafting and creating his fusions. David Pflugi utilizes carefully selected materials to craft his innovative fusionist pieces. Apart from wood and stone, the most commonly used material is styrofoam, which is collected from waste that companies in the region offer. The material chosen enables the artist to rapidly conceive the ideations set forth by his imagination and epiphanies of inspiration. This is rigorously followed by an intricate priming process which focuses on ensuring sturdiness. By engaging in the cyclical use and reuse as well as upcycling of discarded materials, David Pflugi is empowered to pursue his creative process. The value and meaning of art is negated if no positive impact is achieved for people and communities, up to an international scale.