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Victory Works tokenization

Over the course of more than two decades, David Pflugi has achieved something incredible: In honor of every Football World Cup from that of 1998 in France to that of 2018 in Russia, he has created a collection of large-scale works of art which have all been personally signed by all the players of both final teams of the respective World Cup. The purpose of these works, which are without precedent in both sports and art history - the Victory Works Collection - is to be auctioned to enable charitable donations benefitting children in need in developing countries. New works are also being prepared for Qatar 2022, for the purpose of being signed by the players of both finalists the day before the final.

Now, David Pflugi is breaking new artistic ground in a completely new way. Three selected works from the Victory Works Collection will be tokenized. Which is to say: It will be possible to acquire ownership shares in these three works in the form of crypto-tokens, and to trade these. After these works have been auctioned, profits will be distributed to the shareholders in proportion to the share of tokens owned.

The technical partner for issuing and trading the tokens is Sygnum Bank AG, which already made economic and art history in July 2021 by tokenising the work «Fillette au béret» by Pablo Picasso.

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