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There is no such thing as a flat surface.
From his formative years, Swiss artist David Pflugi envisioned sculptures and shapes in the surfaces around him. Early on he decided to pursue a formal career as a stone sculptor. However, this could not fully satisfy his brooding curiosity. He spent many years attempting to find a new form of artistic expression. Organically, through immersion and exposure, fusionism was crafted, fuelled by his own innate curiosity.
Fusionism blends various art forms, offering a variety of different perspectives and angles. Through the union of sculpting, painting and new media, fusionism enables a new way of seeing. It requires movement that results in a new discovery with every step.
In a career spanning over a quarter of a century, David Pflugi has been relentlessly crafting and creating his fusions.


David Pflugi
A Fusion Journey
The Victory Works
The Art of the Final
with Eric Facon (1)
with Gerhard Delling
Panel discussion
with Henning Schaper

Selected works