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From the Ashes

Width: 5.50 m / Height: 2.30 m / Depth: 2.40 m

The main view of «From the Ashes» takes on the form of a complex relief portraying a raging inferno. A sea of flames stretches out before the work's viewers, consuming the buildings of a shadowy, partially abstract city. Human figures and faces are discernible among the flames, partially painted, partially sculpted directly into the relief. They are in uproar, noticeably panicked and distressed by the violent chaos around them.

After a few steps more, one discovers a great, golden phoenix, rising up majestically from the fire. And then, all of a sudden, an even greater surprise: Everything is in unexpected bloom – a beautiful flower garden has begun to grow from the ruins! Where the world was forced to bow to the powers of destruction, new glory is born, and ashes have turned to gold.

The original signatures of the 2014 football world championship finalists, gathered on canvas, have been seamlessly integrated into the work on its far side.