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DC I: The Fall of Athens

The beginning of the story: The first DC performance was held on February 16th 2009, before the backdrop of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.


The first ten years of the 21st century have come and gone. What they have brought is uncertainty and changes – the supposedly stable world view of the late 20th century has turned out to have been an optimistic illusion. In the shape of global climate change and the gradually shrinking biodiversity, the technological advances and consumer society of the 20th century are beginning to show their darker sides.

At the same time, an abundance of rapid technological improvements has taken place, causing new social developments. Today, we have new methods of communication, new means by which information is distributed, by which opinions are formed and by which masses are organised. We are witnessing the start of a completely new social dynamic, which cuts across the traditional social classes and national borders, and brings with it a multitude of new ideas.

The world is, once more, changing. Profound developments are taking place; people are set in motion.

In every part of the world, these developments are combined with and clash against local issues and local history. Moving around these different places, what a traveller experiences seems almost like a snapshot of our time – a picture of the world once again standing at a crossroads. The goal of the DC project is to capture and document these impressions by artistic means – by means of a series of living fusion performances, to be held all over the globe.