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06.01.2023 4. New Year's Reception of the Laufental Schwarzbubenland region

On January 6th 2023, David Pflugi's studio, the Fusion Factory, hosted the 4th New Year's Reception of the Laufental and Schwarzbubenland region. Over 300 guests representing politics and the economy were present to greet the new year, surrounded by David Pflugi's world of art.

Speeches were held by:

Marc Scherrer, President of the Laufental Trade Association
Brigit Wyss, Cantonal Councillor, Solothurn
Anton Lauber, Cantonal Councillor, Basel-Land
Jasmin Weber, President of the Dorneckberg Trade Association
Luca Pertoldi, Board member & CFO, Cantonal Bank of Basel-Land
Martin D├Ątwyler, Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land
Walter Gagg, President of the Victory Works
as well as David Pflugi himself.

01.01.2023 Victory Works exhibition at the Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum

In November 2022, David Pflugi came to Qatar to create his spectacular new Victory Works for the 2022 world cup. He did this, working from a pop-up studio in Mina District, Doha. The Victory Works he created there were presented to the Argentinian and French teams for signing immediately before and after the world cup final. For the first time ever, one sculpture has also been created in honour of the winner of the match for third place, namely Croatia.

These works, along with other selected Victory Works from past world cups, are currently being exhibited at the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum in Doha. The exhibition continues until April 1st 2023 - don't miss it!

Location of Qatar Olympic & Sports Musem (Google Maps)

20.12.2022 World cup 2022: Signing by Argentinian players

The signing took place on December 18th at the Argentinian team base camp in Doha, immediately after the world cup final and just before the team departed from Qatar. Multiple "Victory Works" by David Pflugi were signed, including the sculpture "The Urge to Win".

16.12.2022 World cup 2022: Signing by French players

The signing took place on December 16th at the team hotel of world cup runners-up France in Doha. Multiple "Victory Works" by David Pflugi were signed, including the sculpture "The Urge to Win".

13.12.2022 World cup 2022: Unveiling of "The Urge to Win"

On December 12th 2022, David Pflugi's scupture "The Urge to Win" in honour of the 2022 world cup final was unveiled in Doha's Mina District during an event for VIP guests organized by the Club Suisse Doha and the Swiss embassy. Speeches were held by the ambassador of Switzerland to Qatar Edgar Doerig, David Pflugi, and Walter Gagg, whose continued support and personal efforts have made the signing of David Pflugi's Victory Works by all world cup finalists since 1998 possible.

Within the next days, "The Urge to Win", along with other works by David Pflugi, is foreseen to be signed by the players of the two teams qualifying for the 2022 world cup final.

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