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03.05.2017 Integration tournament - David Pflugi and Breel Embolo

On May 1st, David Pflugi volunteered to act as a coach during the second integration tournament organised by the foundation of football star Breel Embolo.

The teams were composed of adolescent asylum seekers and young people from youth facilities in the region. The goal was to create a space where young people have the chance of getting to know each other, building friendships through a shared passion for sport.

As a further sign of his support for this good cause, David Pflugi donated a work of art to the foundation.

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05.04.2017 Horst Seehofer discovers fusionism

Not far from Nuremberg, there is a very special art experience to be had these days: It is an exhibition at the Museum for Historical Maybach Vehicles, situated in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, where these noble vintage cars now form part of a captivating dialogue with selected works by David Pflugi. At the Maybach museum, the borders between humanity and art, sculpture and painting, technology and culture, have begun to blur.

The first opportunity to catch a glimpse of the exhibition came about in the form of a public event on April 4th - and immediately attracted attention from high places. Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer showed considerable interest when the principles and possibilities offered by this new form of art where explained to him in conversation with David Pflugi.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to make that same experience for themselves on April 7th 2017: On that date, the official opening of the exhibition will take place, once again in the presence of David Pflugi. All art lovers are warmly invited to attend to event, which starts at 18:00. Entrance is free.
The highlight of the evening will be a presentation of the work „Formensch“. Over the course of the past ten years, this performance has astounded its audiences in cities like Athens, Berlin, Basel and Frankfurt. The chance to see it in Neumarkt is likely to be an unique occurrance.

As to Mr Seehofer, this cultural experience seems to have indeed inspired him to new thoughts. „How would it look“, he asked David Pflugi during their conversation, „if you made a fusion of me and Mrs Merkel?“

Whether it was genuinely his intention to provide the impulse for a new work of art with his words is not exactly certain. But David Pflugi has already announced his intention to take the question seriously and to answer it with deeds - he is now planning to actually create precisely such a work of art. It is therefore entirely possible that the Bavarian Minister-President wrote a little piece of art history himself that day.

14.03.2017 Exhibition at the Maybach Museum

After a highly successful Andy Warhol exhibition, the Museum for Historical Maybach Vehicles now presents David Pflugi with the exhibition «Fusionismus».

From April 7th to December 22nd 2017, his art will encounter the world's biggest collection of these legendary vintage luxury cars.

The goal of the exhibition is to take the viewer on a journey through time: Works about evolution, the old and the new and the passage of time, are juxtaposed against the milestones of Maybach history.
In the encounter between these worlds, the unimaginable becomes tangible and seemingly familiar things turn out to be undiscovered and new.

Further information about the exhibition and the museum:

19.01.2017 Formensch at the Forum Würth

On January 19th, the performance «Formensch» was shown at the Forum Würth Arlesheim. A new video of the performance is currently being prepared. Here are a few impressions:

31.05.2016 Kindergarten class visit to the studio

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