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14.03.2017 Exhibition at the Maybach Museum

After a highly successful Andy Warhol exhibition, the Museum for Historical Maybach Vehicles now presents David Pflugi with the exhibition «Fusionismus».

From April 7th to December 22nd 2017, his art will encounter the world's biggest collection of these legendary vintage luxury cars.

The goal of the exhibition is to take the viewer on a journey through time: Works about evolution, the old and the new and the passage of time, are juxtaposed against the milestones of Maybach history.
In the encounter between these worlds, the unimaginable becomes tangible and seemingly familiar things turn out to be undiscovered and new.

Further information about the exhibition and the museum:

19.01.2017 Formensch at the Forum Würth

On January 19th, the performance «Formensch» was shown at the Forum Würth Arlesheim. A new video of the performance is currently being prepared. Here are a few impressions:

31.05.2016 Kindergarten class visit to the studio

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