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27.06.2023 June 24th 2023: Private event

A few impressions from the event.

19.06.2023 June 17th: Impressions of the Cuba Night

A few impressions of the Cuba Night at the Fusion Factory on June 17th 2023.

16.05.2023 May 12th: Impressions of the event

Strange goings-on in an even stranger world: A work of art bursts into life. Eerie figures emerge from seemingly dead matter, and begin to explore the space around it, encountering their audience -- and the lively creative process of an artist whose work defies the conventional cultural categorisations.

This surreal spectacle took place at David Pflugi's Fusion Factory, on May 12th 2023, before the eyes of an astonished audience. It forms part of a constantly evolving on-going performance, told in episodes. The story will continue during the ART WEEK in June 2023 - and you can be there too! Stay tuned for more information...

24.04.2023 April 21st: Impressions of the event

Big plans from the world of David Pflugi: His living fusions will be carried even further out into the world than ever before. Completely new performances will be created, and in them new reliefs and sculptures, unprecedented images -- wild and unpredictable, carefully planned and spontaneous at the same time. Where does the road lead? London, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Cape Town, Gothenburg? We will see. Anything is possible.

But the journey has already begun. On April 21st, in the spacious halls of David's Fusion Factory in Laufen, the further creative development of his perhaps most spectacular living fusion, the great work "Formensch", began before the eyes of an astonished audience. The act of creation itself becomes a performance, and every step of it an unique moment in time.

We want to thank our visitors for a wonderful evening. The next event will take place on May 12th -- don't miss it!

06.01.2023 4. New Year's Reception of the Laufental Schwarzbubenland region

On January 6th 2023, David Pflugi's studio, the Fusion Factory, hosted the 4th New Year's Reception of the Laufental and Schwarzbubenland region. Over 300 guests representing politics and the economy were present to greet the new year, surrounded by David Pflugi's world of art.

Speeches were held by:

Marc Scherrer, President of the Laufental Trade Association
Brigit Wyss, Cantonal Councillor, Solothurn
Anton Lauber, Cantonal Councillor, Basel-Land
Jasmin Weber, President of the Dorneckberg Trade Association
Luca Pertoldi, Board member & CFO, Cantonal Bank of Basel-Land
Martin D├Ątwyler, Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land
Walter Gagg, President of the Victory Works
as well as David Pflugi himself.

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