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The Victory Works

The summer of 1998 marked the beginning of a unique cultural undertaking: The creation of the first «Victory Work», a work of art created by David Pflugi to commemorate of the FIFA football world cup in France of that year and hand-signed by all players of both teams in the final. Since then, he has completed a further four such works, one for each world cup since 1998. All of the existing works have been signed by the respective players.

In July 2018, a sixth work was signed by the players of the French and Croatian national teams in Moscow.

This on-going project constitutes a spectacular achievement, not just in the field of art, but also in the field of football history – never before had all the finalists in a world cup lent their signatures to one object, let alone a work of art. The achievement becomes all the more impressive if one takes into consideration the considerable difficulties that had to be overcome each time in order to bring all of the works to their intended conclusion.

The story of the Victory Works must be viewed as not just an endeavour of culture, but also one of philanthrophy: The works are destined to be auctioned eventually, with a considerable part of the proceeds going to charitable causes.