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4. New Year's Reception of the Laufental Schwarzbubenland region

On January 6th 2023, David Pflugi's studio, the Fusion Factory, hosted the 4th New Year's Reception of the Laufental and Schwarzbubenland region. Over 300 guests representing politics and the economy were present to greet the new year, surrounded by David Pflugi's world of art.

Speeches were held by:

Marc Scherrer, President of the Laufental Trade Association
Brigit Wyss, Cantonal Councillor, Solothurn
Anton Lauber, Cantonal Councillor, Basel-Land
Jasmin Weber, President of the Dorneckberg Trade Association
Luca Pertoldi, Board member & CFO, Cantonal Bank of Basel-Land
Martin D├Ątwyler, Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land
Walter Gagg, President of the Victory Works
as well as David Pflugi himself.
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