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Victory Works Token: First round concluded

On April 1st 2022, a project began which broke new ground in the fields of art, finance and sports simultaneously. Working together, Sygnum Bank and Victory Works AG tokenized three selected works of art from the Victory Works Collection by artist David Pflugi.

The Victory Works are unique artefacts of global sporting history: Such works have been created in honour of every football world championship since 1998, and signed by all players of both teams participating in the respective tournament final.

The tokenized portfolio of three sculptures, which is planned to be auctioned at the end of the investment horizon of two to three years, to be made available in three tranches of tokens representing fractional ownership recognized under Swiss law. Following the auction process at the end of the investment horizon, each token holder will receive a share of the proceeds in accordance with the number of tokens owned.

We are proud to announce that the first tranche of Victory Works Tokens, which became available on April 1st 2022, is now oversubscribed, and will be available for trading on SygnEx, Sygnum's secondary market trading platform, starting June 1st 2022. The second tranche of tokens will be made available for subscription to Sygnum customers starting June 15th 2022.

Detailed presentations of the tokenized portfolio of three selected Victory Works are available on the official Victory Works website at, along with updates about the ongoing progress of this exciting and unique investment opportunity.
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